Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sport and skeletons, in or out of the closet

A couple of stories from the world of sport caught my eye this week.

One is the 'sorry' tale of Tiger Woods. Now let’s bear in mind that for his qualities as a golfer he may well be unique. At the very least, you certainly wouldn’t get out of single digits counting the players down the ages who have played to his level.

As a man fascinated by sex he’s little different from the way about 3 billion people round the world are now, recently have been or soon will be.

In other words, as a golfer you might feel that an analogy to the world of beaches would put him on a par with the greatest on the planet – Bondi, say, or Copacabana. As a man, he stands out from the crowd about as much as one of the grains of sand on those beaches.

Curious, isn’t it, that it’s his grain of sand aspect that’s obsessing the media at the moment?

The other story concerned the first British win of an individual gold medal in the Winter Olympics since the year before I was born (a long, long time ago). Amy Williams won gold for her performance in the ‘Women’s Skeleton’.

I felt I just had to track down a video of the event, and let me tell you it was pretty dramatic. But not half as intriguing as the name seemed to imply.


Awoogamuffin said...

Yeah, I was curious what on Earth "skeleton" was. Along with rowing's weird obsession with "skulls" I'm starting to suspect a necromancy link...

David Beeson said...

Is that the latest untraceable performance enhancer?

Anonymous said...

the tiger went into Sex-Rehab, but do you why? he heard that the place is awash with nymphos.