Monday, 21 March 2011

Heavy plant and identity confusion

Signs at two gates to the same industrial compound, a few metres apart, suggest a degree of confusion over identity.

OK, but which of you is in the plant sales business?
Still, if I've understood anything about existentialism, and I can't pretend to have understood much, the key principle seems to be that what you are is what you do. At least the signs suggest that Mr Gill knows what he does.

Come to think of it, what he does isn't that straightforward, is it? I mean, not linguistically at least. I see 'plant sales' and I think 'garden centre' rather than heavy machinery. That in turn puts me in mind of a road sign I've seen a few times 'Caution: heavy plant crossing'.

Sounds like a warning against triffids, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, I wish Mr Gill well with his business. Perhaps someone to proof read and edit his display material might be a good investment?

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