Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy anniversaries and an affectionate feline

Marking memorable moments 

A former boss once asked me, ‘David, you know the best way of ensuring you never forget your wedding anniversary?’

‘No,’ I dutifully fed him the reply he wanted.

‘Forget it once,’ he told me.

Funnily enough, our marriage hasn’t been like that at all. For the first 22 years, Danielle forgot the anniversary each and every year, and in all but one of them I alone remembered. So year after year I’d turn up with a bunch of flowers, and Danielle would say ‘oh - is it today?’

Seven years ago that all changed with the birth of our granddaughter Aya, coincidentally on the very day of our anniversary, 11 January. At least, I hope it was a coincidence, because otherwise I’d have to start accepting the intervention of supernatural forces that I’ve always found it more comforting to deny.

Anyway, with something really important by which to remember the day, Danielle’s never forgotten it since.

So tonight we celebrated our twenty-ninth anniversary. And Ayas seventh birthday, of course.

Well, not exactly celebrated,though Danielle’s potato salad was outstanding. We marked it, at least. We’re saving ourselves for next week in California when Danielle will be out every day on the ski slopes above Lake Tahoe, while I’ll be indoors discussing product strategy.

And how’s that not an appropriate way to celebrate?

29 years - the moment deserves celebration

Mixed messages from Misty.

A strange transformation has come over our cat Misty. He has taken to coming and lying on my lap, even at one point abandoning Danielle’s to choose mine. He stops to greet me when I let him in, instead of just pushing past to get at his food, protesting if there isn’t enough. 

He treats me like a human being, even sometimes like a fellow cat.

It’s actually quite troubling. I mean, I’ve known for years that he’s a worryingly talented cat, something that can have quite disturbing effects. For instance, as the three of us were standing on our doorstep once, while Danielle was opening the front door, I casually commented that Misty was putting on a little weight. Up went his tail and his nose, and he stalked away. For the next 24 hours, he’d have nothing to do with me.

I’m concerned now that from an understanding of spoken English, he’s now graduated to reading the language too. In a recent blog, I made some comments about his attitude towards me which he may have regarded as hurtful. Perhaps he’s putting all this effort into showing me that he deserves my affection.

Misty, you don’t need to. Very nice to have you lying on my lap from time to time, to have you purring beside me, but you don’t need to force things. I liked you even when you treated me with contempt and bit me when I didn’t jump to do your bidding. 

Relax. Be yourself. That’s the way I like you anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to both of you. We'll convey our wishes to Aya ourselves.