Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Brighter policemen, revolutionary pills, a high-price visit

It’s such a privilege to be able to listen to the news on BBC Radio 4. You learn so much.

Today I discovered that a new report is recommending that the police work on improving intelligence.

That seemed a bit cruel. After all, they're not all that dumb. And in any case even if we consider some of our worthy coppers a bit challenged in the brainpower department, that’s a view we ought to keep to ourselves if only to avoid causing offence and spreading demoralisation.

A few minutes later I heard that ‘sleeping pills widely prescribed in the UK increase the risk of death.’ Now that was truly shocking news. Since the risk of death is 100%, my mind boggles at the idea of increasing it. 

Pills can put you to sleep
and overthrow the laws of probability too
Does that mean one would never have been born? If so, there are several people for whom Id strongly urge the drug to be prescribed.

Finally, it warmed my heart to hear that the English NHS will soon be treating non-resident foreigners for HIV infection, free of charge. A little generosity, always welcome in this harsh world. But there is concern in Conservative circles that this might encourage ‘medical tourism’.

The world view of certain politicians sometimes leaves me completely nonplussed. It’s true that London, the Lake District, the Northumberland Coast, the South West, are well worth a trip. But getting infected with HIV in order to see them? Seems a little over the top. Even if the treatment is free.

P.S. The BBC also announced that this evening's Document programme would consider, if I've got this right, 
the French roll in the Falklands War. I hadn't realised that any bakery product had played role in that conflict.

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