Saturday, 11 August 2012

Moving to assert fundamental rights

One member of the household was far from certain about our move yesterday. He picked up the signals quickly and they worried him. He had no intention of being left behind, even if it meant he had to be brought across in a box with our general flotsam, as he made clear both at night:

You're not leaving me behind. Nighttime
and during the day:

You're not leaving me behind. Daytime

It must have been a relief when he discovered it was always our plan to bring him with us, and since yesterday he’s been having fun settling in to his new place. He’s been exploring the possibilities both at the back:

Exploring the garden, with his best friend

And at the front:

Checking out the front of the house
He should never have worried. After all, he was always going to be a main beneficiary of the move, given that we chose the house for one of its key features:

The key to freedom. For me as well as Misty

Yes. From now on Misty can get in and out whenever he wants. He doesn’t have to bite my feet any more to get me to come down and let him him out, or mew piteously to get me to come down and let him in. The way I think of it, we've just bought a cat flap so expensive it came with a house attached.

Worth it for Misty’s sake. Worth it for mine. So it’s wonderful that he’s enjoying his new-found freedom. And that I had a full night's uninterrupted rest.

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