Friday, 27 May 2011

Getting rapturous about another lot...

What a privilege to have been graced with new enlightenment as a result of my posts about the rapture and Mr Camping. A benefit all the more welcome for having been entirely unexpected.

As a result of my most recent post, I received a comment pointing me to a site run by the Merkaba organisation. I was told that it contained information that is proving controversial, which is curious – the controversy has completely passed me by. It’s appalling, isn’t it, how one can live in a society and simply not notice a major debate of this kind?

To my shame, I have to confess I’d never even heard of the organisation before.

The site includes a sonorous audio message which started off by telling me that Harold Camping was talking complete rubbish. Imagine my shock. This cast a wholly new light on the whole Camping prophesy business. Might he have been wrong, I asked myself? Was there perhaps some incontrovertible evidence out there of his having been mistaken? Had I missed it?

It seems that Camping and his followers are suffering from ‘diseased right-brain thinking.’ I hope they’re aware of that – they might be able to get it treated. Though perhaps not those who’ve given away all their worldly possessions in readiness for the rapture, if they’re dependent on the US health system where ability to pay remains a pretty significant factor in access to care.

The Merkaba people utterly reject Camping’s idea that the world will end on 21 September. This is complete rubbish. It will clearly end on 21 December 2012. This is a date not deduced by some ‘dart throw’ method from questionable interpretation of the bible, but one that was (imagine a particularly sonorous voice here) ‘given us by the ancient ones who built pyramids that still cannot be duplicated today.’

I don't want to quiblle, but I rather suspect that we could duplicate the pyramids today. The problem is that nobody can be bothered to do it just to prove some sect wrong.

Anyway, the rapture may not have happened on 21 May, but then it was never going to. Then Merkaba assures me that sometime between the later months of 2011 and the early months of 2012, there will be a ‘massive coronal ejection’ of matter from the sun which will strike the earth and that will bring about the rapture.

Coronal Mass Ejection - the initial sign of the coming rapture?
And then, finally, the end of the world on 21 December 2012.

Isn’t this wonderful? We now have several predicted events we can await with pleasure, knowing that we’ll be able to wake up the following day and have a bit of a laugh at the expense not just of one set of doom-mongers but two. I know you can’t get a hell of a lot of laughs out of prophets getting things wrong, but even a bit of a chuckle is a good way to start a day, and it’s kind of Camping and Merkaba to want to provide us with at least that much.

It may also give me material for a couple more blog posts. And who knows what enlightening comments they might generate.


Mark Reynolds said...

Wait... Camping was wrong? So I should start going back to work I guess. And put my clothes back on, though I suppose not in that order.

David Beeson said...

And don't count on being able to get to work by floating gently through the air, either.

Awoogamuffin said...

2012 is the year the Mayan calender cycle ends. Once it is reached, the next cycle begins. And who cares what some ancient culture thought, anyway?

That aside, when the world does indeed end, there'll be some crackpot somewhere who will claim (if able) to have predicted it all along.