Monday, 16 May 2011

Fish have rights too

Judging by its window display, the prestigious department store Selfridges in London’s Oxford Street, is proud of the principled stand it has recently taken. ‘We don't sell endangered fish’ they proclaim with obvious confidence in their moral credentials.

Selfridges sides with the fish. Or does it?
That's all very well and fine, but I'm not sure that things are quite so clear cut. After all, we're entitled to ask: they don’t sell endangered fish – what?

In fact, what do endangered fish generally buy?

I suppose they might want to equip themselves with some kind of security system, to mitigate the dangers they face. And if they did, why should we refuse to supply them the protection they crave? Don’t they have rights too, to live in safety?

Is it time to launch a counter-campaign? Or possibly an over-the-counter campaign?

My modest proposal for a possible slogan: not so self-righteous, Selfridges.

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